Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cute Writing-Related Stories

So... this is actually a cross-post from the Vampire Vixen's site, but it's such a cute story, I wanted to share. Okay, so, my son, Mason, who is two, recently discovered that certain paperback novels have author photos in them. In my other life, I published four books, each of which have my ugly mug on the back page. When I showed Mason these, he was delighted. "Ima!" (pronounced eee-ma) he told me with a great, big smile. And, I nodded, feeling really proud, "Yes, ima wrote these books." Now, whenever he picks up a book -- even if it's the dictonary -- he quick flips to the back page to see if ima wrote this one. More often than not, I have to disappoint him and say, "No, honey, that's Neil Gaiman." Speaking of which, Mason has also, for reasons known only to a toddler's brain, bonded with a photo of Neil Gaiman that he found in one of the many LOCUS magazines lying around the house. He can actually say, "Gaiman! Gaiman!" and will present us with the magazine and want us to play a strange sort of peek-a-boo with Neil's photo. Mason wants to go hide behind the radiator, and then have us whip open the page of his favorite Neil photo, at which point Mason squeals with delight and says, "Gaiman! Again!" He's such a little fanboy, already. I'm so proud.