Thursday, September 03, 2009

Writing and Such

I realize I haven't posted here since I dropped the no-more-Garnet bomb, and I feel compelled to at least tell you all what I've been doing lately. As you may remember, the first of my new young adult series is due at the publisher October 15. That's like, well, TOMORROW. Okay, that's how it feels anyway. In order to get that done I have to write at least a couple thousand words a day. Which isn't so hard right now when what I'm doing is translating what I had written in third person into first, but it's probably going to get much harder after that. The only good news is that Mason is back at school starting the 8th, and I can focus all my day time and energy (as well as night) to getting that "in the can."

I'm also trying to come up with ideas for a new contemporary urban fantasy series. I've got about a half dozen little "shorts" (a paragraph pitch) that I'm considering for development into larger synopses. I've got one I'm really pretty excited about, but who knows if it's "fresh" enough to excite my agent or, perhaps more importantly, my editor and her bosses. Fingers crossed.

I also sort of wish I had a better sense of what my publisher would be interested in seeing from me. Should I shy away from vampires and go for urban fantasy or...? I have no idea. My plan is to send several proposals through my agent and make sure that at least half of them *do* include vamps, while also trying out some of my more "fresh" and way out ideas.

Honestly? I'm a little stressed about all of it. My weight has totally suffered from the stress too. I haven't been able to get to the gym thanks to Mason being home and I feel as plump as a ripe tomato.