Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gender Bias in SF Conversation

My alterego was invited to participate in a conversation about gender bias in the SF/F publishing industry and what to do about it. The conversation is archived here: Please check it out and join in the conversation (there are a lot more interesting and articulate people than me participating.)

Also, check out the YouTube video promoting the mega-author signing we had last night in Woodbury: The signing, btw, was actually a great deal of fun, not because I signed a lot of books but because it's always so cool to hang out with other awesome romance authors.

Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Monday...

...So I'm over at "Something Wicked..." writing about Kids and Writing.

Sorry the post isn't very intelligent, but I'm actually a bit hungover. Not that I was out partying... no I just drank too much Mike's Hard Lemonade while eating popcorn and watching old episodes of "Lost." Duuuuude.

But all I have to say is....yum, Sawyer. Hey, and we're almost related. His last name is Holloway.