Monday, May 10, 2010

That On-line Promotion Thingie

I have to admit that I'm enough old school that I don't always get the appeal of these things. But, if you're the sort, there's an on-line contest/event with me at Bitten By Books today, starting right about now (noon) but going all day and into the night.

Also, you can read my blog about leaving behind the Garnet Lacey series, here at VampChix and enter a giveaway contest as well.

The hard part for me is being available on-line for the comments and questions, because I'm dialing up at home or stuck in a coffeeshop (oh woe! *tease*). Though today the extra wrinkle is that my son is with me because he's off school for intersession (we go year round, so he has weird vacations.) Luckily, the wifi hotspot works for his DS Lite Pokemon game. He's currently trading Pokemon with people from around the world (which even I admit is kinda cool.)

Okay, I guess I'm going to try to do some writing while checking in at the various on-line places I'm supposed to be.