Thursday, December 27, 2012

Big Bummer

So, I was having a pretty good day today because, in my other persona as Lyda Morehouse, I had a really fun interview request from a reviewer in Spain about my Archangel Protocol book, which has recently been re-released in e-book format

Then my good feelings came crashing down when I decided that I should probably check my email box as Tate, and I had to tell two fans of PRECINCT 13 that they needed to give up hope for a sequel.  It occurs to me that I should probably take some time to update my website and let people know the sad, sad truth.  Despite being advertised as "the first in a new series" everywhere, PRECINCT 13 is officially a stand-alone, as Penguin USA has decided to pass on the opportunity to publish a sequel. 

I know, right? BUMMER.

I'm especially sad because I loved PRECINCT 13 in a way that I haven't truly loved a series of mine since the first Garnet Lacey book.  I am still seriously considering the possibility of serializing the sequel online with the idea that eventually I would turn the finished project into an e-book.  But, I haven't gotten started on that... perhaps with the New Year? 


I think I'll make that my goal.  Starting in the New Year, it will be my resolution to write the sequel to Precinct 13.  I think this is a good plan, because it's sincerely disheartening to have to tell people that no, they can't hope for a new book by me any time soon.....

And I'm determined to make 2013 a good year for Tate!