Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Look What I Found!

Amazon has ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN up and ready for pre-order! Whoot!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in Review and Year to Look Forward to

First of all, I want to say that I am old enough that typing "2011" just looks *WEIRD*. It's like some kind of star date.

But I thought I'd do that thing people do this time of year. I'm going to review all the things I did this year, and then look ahead at projects up-coming for next.

2010 was actually surprisingly busy for me as a writer. Let me see if I can put all of my various publications down in order:

May saw the end of Garnet Lacey with the publication of the final book in that series, HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD. As I posted here and talked about in interviews elsewhere, the ending of this series was kind of a shock to me. I'd hoped to be writing about Garnet, Sebastian and the gang until they were all DEAD & RETIRED. I also posted full proposals to the three books I'd offered after HONEYMOON, which you can read if you'd like.

Book that Wasn't (1 of 3)

Book that Wasn't (2 of 3)

Book that Wasn't (3 of 3)

But, with every ending is a new beginning. This year also saw the beginning of the vampire princess of St. Paul series, with the August publication of ALMOST TO DIE FOR. This book received a starred review from Publisher's Weekly, which was actually one of my life goals (I'd never been reviewd by PW at all, much less, actually getting the coveted starred review!) I also wrote and revised the next book in this series, ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN, which will be coming out in May of 2011.

My alter-ego was busy too.

In my guise as a science fiction writer, I donated a story to the BREAKING WAVES anthology, which is a charity publication, 100% of the proceeds from which go to helping victims (animal and human) of the BP oil spill.

You can still purchase this book at Book View Cafe. It's an e-book.

I also sold a science fiction/fantasy story to the Northern Light's anthology, which celebrates 20 Minnesota writers. The story I sold is called "Bright, Bright City Lights" and was my very strange attempt to deal with my feelings about the untimely death of Minnesota state senator Paul Wellstone... erm, with magic and binary spells.

You can find this book at Genre Mall.

And, I also had a story appear in SHE NAILED A STAKE THROUGH HIS HEAD: TALES OF BIBLICAL HORROR. This was another weird one called "Jawbone of an Ass," a retelling of Samson and his first wife (*not* Delilah) reimagined in 1980s Derry.

This book is available on Amazon, either as in Kindle format or as a trade paper.

Whoa. That's a lot for one year.

Next year promises to be slightly less intense. In March, I'll have two books out as my alter ego, both from Mad Norwegian Press:

The biggest one being RESSURECTION CODE, which represent my alter-ego's return to the award winning world of the AngeLINK series. If you'd like, you can pre-order it via Amazon.

I'll also have an article about vampires and Joss Whedon in WHEDONISTAS: A CELEBRATION OF THE WORLDS OF JOSS WHEDON BY THE WOMEN WHO LOVE THEM. That non-fiction anthology comes out in March 2011 also.

Back to Tate, 2011, will also see the publication of ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN, which it seems you can also pre-order now, though the book isn't out until May 2011. I've also heard a rumor that TALL, DARK & DEAD may come out in mass-market paperback in December. The third Ana book may also be scheduled for late 2011.

So I guess I should get working on that, eh?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Day After

I hope you all got the loot you were hoping for!