Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Stuff to Do!

Just a little self-promotion today. Check out SF Signal's Mind Meld. My alter ego is part of a group discussing "What cultures are neglected by SF/F?" today.

Otherwise, it being Wednesday, is my day to write with Eleanor over at the Coffee Grounds. I've got a ton of things on my plate. I'm super behind on the new Tate novel (the cow mutilation one), I've got a short story that's popping out despite the bigger deadline, AND my agent needs some proposals for new books ASAP.

As Shawn and I like to say: STUFF TO DO!

My only other news is that I submitted a reprint to Fantasy Magazine. I still can not find even a paper copy of "Twelve Traditions" in the basement (did it go to the archive??) so I was forced to send fantasy instead. (The horror!) Anyway, fingers crossed.

Oh, and I almost forgot! I just approved the cover copy to the paperback edition of TALL, DARK & DEAD which will be coming out from Berkley Sensation in April 2012. No word yet if they plan to update the cover. I'm of two minds about this. I think the cartoon image is a little dated, but I've always thought it was very striking, so I can't decide what I'd prefer: new or old? I guess it would depend on what they offer up for new, eh?

Okay, got to go!