Friday, May 01, 2009

Busy, Busy

I've been absent from the blogosphere because I've been finishing up my novel for deadline... and I'm happy to report I finished on time! So hopefully this means there will be another Garnet Lacey story for you to enjoy some time in 2010.

After finishing all that, I've been flooded with publicity work for the up-coming release, DEAD IF I DO. As events and contests and whatnot get confirmed, I'll try to make sure I post links and other pertinent information here.

The next couple projects on my plate are:

1) getting the proposals finished for the next three books in the Garnet Lacey series. I had one finished, but it involved the Greek god Eros, and I noticed there's now a TV show with Cupid... so I'm thinking maybe I should scrap that one. I'd be bummed, except as I was finishing the last of the revisions for HONEYMOON (which I'm hoping will be re-titled DEAD & MARRIED,) I wrote in a scene that I think will lead very nicely to a whole new book.

2) Start on my new YA book which is due in mid-October.

3) finish up my alter ego's science fiction book for the small press.

No rest for the Wiccan, I guess!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Marvel (tm) Tarot: THE LOVERS

On Saturday, while my partner finished reading the manuscript for final editing, revision, proofing before it goes to my editor on Friday, I had some time on my hands. If I don't busy myself while she's reading my work, I tend to stand over her and say very unhelpful things like, "So? Do you like it? What's happening now?"

I happened to feel like drawing, so I decided to work on the tarot card set I've been slowly making for myself of Marvel superheros. I'm up to #6 of the Major Arcana, the LOVERS. I had originally intended to have this card be the quintessential X-Men lovers: Jean Gray/Phoenix and Scott Summers/Cyclops, but my brain just didn't go there for some reason and I ended up with Susan Richards/Invisible Woman and Prince Namor/Sub-Mariner.

I usually can't stand the Sub-Mariner. He's not a terribly likable character, but his love affair with Richards (Susan, that is, not "stretchy-man,") is rather legendary and... I don't know, "illicit"?

Which is so not what this card is supposed to be about. The Lovers, out side of the two figures being naked, is not a terribly sexy card. It's usually kind of dull. Two figures (one female, one male) are standing naked, open palmed, and being looked over by an angel. It's clearly all about the "higher" aspects of love, not the base down and dirty bits... which is what I drew.

As I said in my alter ego's LJ, this might just be Marvel fan art masquerading as a tarot card, but when I finished it I was really very pleased with the results none-the-less. The pose is original (meaning I didn't copy it from a comic book, which I did with my Iron Man/Emperor card,) and it just makes me happy. As Shawn commented, it's that scene we never really see but always imagine between these two.

I don't know... what do you think?