Monday, April 26, 2010

Life, the Universe, and Writing

I don't really have much news to report. My partner is away on a business trip to North Dakota, which means I'm a "single parent" for the next three days. Since Mason is in school, this isn't going to disrupt my writing too much. In fact, depending, I may write MORE with her away.

I say depending, because sometimes I can't focus very well with the house is empty and my sweetie is away. Sometimes I wander around like a house cat, mewing into all the corners, looking for a warm body, as it were. Despondent, I play a lot of mindless video games.

Other times, I throw myself into my work and write A LOT. I'm hoping that this time is going to be the latter. If only because I'm a bit behind. On Thursday, at my writers' group, I handed out a huge chunk of the work in progress (ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN, the sequel to the young adult book coming out in August.) But as I told them, that fifty page bit only represents about half of what I SHOULD have written in two weeks.

The book is due at the middle of July, and I'm sure I'll make it, but I like to have a lot of cushion, so I can get people to read my first draft and make comments before I send it off to the publisher. I've heard from other writers who don't do this. They send what they write direct. They must be better writers than I am, because I always need a couple of sets of eyes on the book before it's editor ready even.

I guess everyone's process is different.