Thursday, January 03, 2013

More Reviews for my Alter Ego!

And now, a Spanish review site, Sense of Wonder, has reviewed Archangel Protocol (e-book). All I can say? Wow.

Thank goodness, Requires Only That You Hate blasted Archangel Protocol (e-version, but pirated Torrent) several months ago or I could seriously get a big head reading these recent reviews.

Also, in the next few days Sense of Wonder will be posting an interview they did with me. When that goes live, I'll be sure to link it here and other places. This is the one I talked about below that made me nostalgic for cyberpunk.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013, The Year of Innovation?

I have a weird supersition. For some reason I've decided that however I start the day on New Year's Day will be an indication of how the year will be. Like any supersition, this has its downsides. Last year, I broke a plate, and... well, 2012 had a lot of disappointments.

This upcoming year, if my supersition holds, will be very, very IN-TER-ESTING.

I got up early on New Year's Eve day with the intention of getting started on the sequel to Precinct 13 (which I did, and which I'm eventually hoping to start publishing here and then collecting into an e-book). At any rate, I was feeling pretty prepared because the-day-before I remembered that I was low on coffee and I went out and bought two HUGE bags of the good stuff. I pulled out the old coffee maker, ripped open the first of the bags, and... discovered I had no coffee filters. My brain started spinning. What could I use instead? A paper towel? No, that would melt into goo. Cloth? Too thick, could also plug the works. Then I remembered that I had tea bags--the kind you can use when you make your own tea. They were connected in a row so you could tear each one off individually. I thought, "Ah ha! If I'm careful, I can line the inside of the coffeemaker and this could work." Of course, it could also have been a disaster with grounds gumming everything up.

But... it worked.

It was some of the best coffee I'd made in a long time too. And I had enough of the little tea bag sheets to do it again for a second pot.

So, I'm thinking 2013 = Innovation and Success. Let's hope that's true. I feel like it's off to a good start in the success department, because Cheryl Morgan, my publisher at Wizard's Tower Press, forwarded me this review from SF Signal about the e-book version of Archangel Protocol:

Sweet, huh? Okay, if you didn't zip off to read it, the gist of the thing is this: the book stands the test of time, at least from their p.o.v. That was nice to hear because that's probably one of my biggest concerns. Technology has changed a lot since I wrote it in 1999 (as has the world.) It's nice to know that, even if it's become a bit of a museum piece/alternate history, the characters and the world-building still come through strong enough to carry the book.

And, I'm enjoying the world of Precinct 13 again. It's fun to go back and revisit characters. And, in a weird way, without an editor looking over my shoulder, I'm looking foward to exploring some of the darker parts of that world that I never really touched on. Like, what's up with Devon (the vampire/werewolf) and his "enthrallment" to Spencer Jones (the police captain/fairy prince)? How creepy is that relationship anyway? Well, we may find out!