Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Getting My House in Order

Those of you who have been reading Unjust Cause on WattPad are probably wondering what happened to me.  I'm going to try to spend some time this week pulling everything I've written down from there and put it into a big file so I can finally start organizing that mess into a book-like-thing.

It's going to be a big job, and, I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to it.

It needs to be done, though.  That story went off the rails some time ago.

The other thing that happened at convention this last weekend is that during the interview, I announced that my other plan for this year is to FINALLY start writing some Garnet Lacey novellas as a self-published thing for Amazon.com.  One of the things I just did in prep for that was pull out my old book synopses for the stories that didn't sell.  I'm going to re-read those and see what I can do with what I have (since they'll have to be trimmed to novella size.)

I am SUPER determined to have things produced this year.  I will conquer my depression.  I will get myself back up and out.

You just watch.