Saturday, December 20, 2014

Up Early, So I might As Well Write

've always been a lark. I function best before normal people aren't even out of bed. BUT, like most people, I have a natural biorhythm, one that usually does NOT involve getting up at 5:30 am. Thanks to Mason's new school start time of 7:10 am, we all have to propel ourselves out of bed every day, just about (for me) a half-hour earlier than my body likes.

Here it is the weekend, and I'm up before 8:00 am. The cats were concerned when no one started moving around 5:30 am. I mean, I could be mad at them, but how are they to know it's Saturday? They're thinking something's wrong. On top of being a lark, I've been a light sleeper since Mason was born. ANYTHING resembling a cry will bolt me awake. So when Inky was all, "Hey, hey, guys? Aren't you late for stuff?" meowing, I was AWAKE for better or worse.

The problem with Inky is that, while it DOES work to say to him once or twice, "Don't worry, it's Saturday" or "Gimme another 5," he's a persistent bugger who really, really thinks ROUTINES ARE BEST. So, to save the rest of my family some sleep (because of course he's the type to be like, "Oh, okay, that monkey wants to sleep in. I better alert the others!"), I dragged myself out of bed.

Now, of course, Inky is happy that things are as they should be and is perched on the back of the overstuffed chair SOUND ASLEEP.

The last few days I haven't been posting much here or anywhere else for a couple of reasons. First, Yuletide deadline is today, so I had to finish up my assignments. Secondly, Yuletide, the actual one, as in Solstice, is on Sunday. My pagan family celebrates both Solstice and Christmas, because: presents. But, so I had to do a lot of last minute running around collecting various bits of holiday cheer yesterday. On top of that, Inky's prozac prescription ran out and it turns out the type of pill we used to use is no longer available. Or rather it is, but the price of it suddenly went through the roof and our vet no longer keeps any on hand. So, we're switching him to a liquid version of the same thing that's apparently cheaper than the old pills. I'm finding this hard to believe and we're going to have to talk to the vet, because, previously, his pills, which we cut in half to last us two months was $8. This new liquid which will only last 30 days? $38! It stops him from peeing on things and, generally relaxes him (see above. He love routines. He gets VERY UPSET when they aren't followed.)

But so that was an extra trip yesterday, all the way down to Richfield, that I could have done without.

Meanwhile, I've been working on restructuring the serial story that Rachel and I have been working on into a novel. This has involved writing whole new chapters because, well: novel. I'm doing this first pass myself and then will give it over to Rachel next. We're hoping to have in shape for my MarsCON GoH gig, as I've said.

In the meantime, a new chapter came out: "The Tensile Strength of Wood" (the final battle scene).

Even if you've been reading along as these have come out, the book will have lots of new content for you. And, likewise, there are points of view and such that I've trimmed from the version of the book so far that will be only found on the web.

Right-o, I should probably get back to that.

The only other thing we have today is meeting my folks at the Radisson Blu (the hotel attached to the MOA.) We'd hoped to wander the Mall as part of their visit, but that'll be complicated by the protest that's scheduled there today. Black Lives Matter: Minneapolis Event: MOA Of course,it feels really weird to be headed to the Mall to shop when people are trying to make an important statement I happen to believe really strongly in. I feel a little like a scab, crossing a picket line. So I'm really, really hoping that we get our visit over and done with before these folks move in. I do NOT want to be part of the problem, as it were.

But that bridge when we come to it, I suppose.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Demon School Updates

I neglected to point you to last week's School for Wayward Demon's chapter: "Ferret 'Porting to the Rescue" and today's "Pop Goes the Weasel"

Also, I'm taking a brief hiatus from Unjust Cause for the holidays.  I'm working on getting the Demon School project into something resembling a book so that Rachel and I can have it on hand for my Guest of Honor appearance at MarsCON (March 6 - 8, 2015).