Monday, June 24, 2013

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

You want these don't you?

They're all five of the AngeLINK books (Archangel Protocol, Fallen Host, Messiah Node, Apocalypse Array, and Resurrection Code), and I've donated them to my publisher, Dybukk Press, as a new incentive for their kickstarter that they're running to recoop the production costs of the newest anthology King David & The Spiders of Mars, in which my short story "God Box" will appear.

How can I entice you? Should I let you know that some of these books are bordering on rare--in particular Fallen Host, which has been out of print the longest. I ran out of my private supplies about a year ago, and have taken to picking them up wherever I see them. This one is in mint-condition (not even previously incribed!) All the others are straight out of the box I bought them in, new!

I'd also be willing to personally inscribe them to you and/or just sign them.

SOLD!  I'm happy to report these were gone before the hour was up!

So, what do you say?