Thursday, April 19, 2007

Saturn Turns Direct

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Saturn in Leo turned retrograde on December 5, 2006, so the beginning of 2007 was all about making sure that what we were aiming for was still what we really wanted. Retrogrades are always about going over territory you've already been through. Saturn represents our responsibilities, our rules for living, how we construct our lives, and where we need to place our boundaries. Leo is the sign of leadership and creativity, and it is very much concerned with self-expression.

During this important retrograde period, it's been important to determine how you can support yourself more effectively and express yourself more fully. Facing limitations -- those of the world in general, as well as your own capacity to limit yourself -- has been a part of this time, along with ending old ways of living.

As Saturn turns direct, you are finally going to get some forward movement. Don't drink that pot of espresso just yet, though! Things are moving forward, but speedy they’re not. Saturn is the planet that represents the builder, who wants everything done right. No shortcuts are allowed, so don’t rush anything. Instead, take your time to build slowly and thoroughly -- you will reap plenty of rewards if you keep this in mind. And with Saturn still in dramatic Leo, make sure you are always sitting in the director’s chair.

Determine in what arena you want to make your mark on the world. Decide what you want to be responsible for and what you need to leave behind; otherwise, someone else could make those choices for you. We are now in the last stage of Saturn’s transit through Leo (Saturn will enter Virgo on September 2).

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Basement Bargain Prices

If you ever wanted to purchase a copy of Tall, Dark & Dead but found the trade paperback prices too steep for your pocketbook, fret not! Currently, is selling the book at deep, deep discounted rates (60% off!).

In other news, no new license plates.

But, at least one of my beta readers has gotten back to me so my mini-vacation from writing is over... *sigh.* Tonight, no more BSG, but nose back to the grindstone (or however that saying goes.) Wish me luck.

I talked to my agent via email the other day and our current plan is to continue to propose more Garnet Lacey books. I have to start thinking about what trouble Garnet should get into next....

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Down to Two

First of all, if you've thought about buying my book, but decided that paying trade paperback prices was too steep, is having a deep, deep discount on Tall, Dark & Dead. We're talking 60% off. So, seriously, go now and buy yourself several while the getting is good.

Alabama license plateSecondly, my family and I ended up at the Mall of America today, and Mason insisted on driving around to see if we could spot any new plate. Keep in mind that of all the states in the union, we're only missing Alabama, West Virgina, and Hawaii. Guess what? Mason spotted Alabama.

We're down to two.

Come on Hawaii, I know you're out there....