Sunday, December 27, 2009

LEGOs and a New Laptop

Santa was very nice to our family. Mason got more LEGOs than he could possibly ever need, and I got a new .mp3 player (mine broke) and a new laptop. I'd been doing pretty well with the Mac that was given to me by friend and fellow writer Eleanor Arnason, but, I'm a PC girl, alas. More importantly, Penguin is PC. In order to do my revisions, I really needed a PC. Strangely, I feel guilty about this. I mean, I watch TV. I know Mac people are more cool than the PC folks.

Santa, however, neglected my most important wish. I am STILL hacking up a lung. I do seem to be improving, but it may be time to bite the financial bullet and go to the doctor (hang the expense!)

Even though Mason is off school for the next week, I'm back to "work" tomorrow. I have the last half of ALMOST TO DIE FOR to finish revising, and then my alter ego has a very tight deadline for the small press book she's been struggling with for over a year now (RESURRECTION CODE, aka "The Mouse Book").

Mason has taken to teasing me about the phone call my alter ego got from her editor/publisher and every once and a while he randomly pipes up with, "Uh, about that Mouse book...." implying that I need to get to work on it, least I face another phone call like that one.

Hope you and yours had a happy holiday of your choice!