Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Monday...

...So, you can find me over at Something Wicked confessing that I didn't write much over my extended birthday week celebration.

Part of the problem is that Mason is still on vacation from school. I always have a heckuva time getting any writing done while the little one is constantly at my elbow asking me for attention. Plus, when I do have a spare minute or two, what I really want to do is read my "homework" for I'm so easily distracted. It's a wonder I ever get any real writing done. Interestingly enough, my subconscious really wants me to get working on my Tate novel because last night I actually dreamed I was a vampire.

It was a very sexual dream, too. Not surprisingly, I suppose.

As supplimental reading to my Dreams 102 class, I'm reading DREAM SOURCEBOOK AND JOURNAL by a whole bevy of authors: Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras, Amy Lemley, and Peter L. Sheras. Also I decided to finally read a book Shawn bought me many years ago as a birthday present, which is Rachel Pollack's SEVENTY-EIGHT DEGREES OF WISDOM: A BOOK OF TAROT. (The new edition).

Anyway, I promised Mason I'd be off-line soon so I can play "Mastermind" with him, so I should go make good on that promise.