Thursday, October 04, 2012

Where to Find Me!

I'm going to be one of the guests at this year's Gaylaxicon, which, like, starts tomorrow. Should you be going, you can find me talking about/doing these things:

Friday 4:30 PM Terrace 2 Writing Straight (when you're not)
Friday 9:30 PM Terrace 4 Outer Alliance Podcast
Saturday 2:00 PM Terrace 2 GoH Spotlight: Lyda Morehouse
Saturday 5:00 PM Terrace 2 Remembering the Penis: Queer Women Writing M/M Slash
Saturday 11:00 PM Terrace 3 British TV Invasion
Saturday Midnight Terrace 4 Midnight Slash Reading / Open Mic
Sunday 9:30 AM Terrace 2 Women at Gaylaxicon: Where r u?
Sunday 11:00 AM Terrace 3 Writing Across Fandoms
Sunday 12:30 PM Terrace 2 Superheroes on the Big Screen
Sunday 2:00 PM Terrace 4 Romance Writing
Yes, I talked them into giving a midnight Slash Slam. I have been fretting over which of my 101 peices of fanfic/slash to read. I know, however, that Kyell Gold will be reading his Road Runner/Wiley E. Coyote. Tell me that doesn't sound awesome!