Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hello and Welcome

Be nice, I'm a virgin blogger. I know, you're probably wondering how that's even possible. Look, I just never got around to it, okay? I had other things on my mind. But, so, here I am. Oh, right. A little introduction would be nice. I'm Tate Hallaway. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I have three cats, all of them black. Probably the most interesting thing about me is that I have a book coming out next year from Berkley called Tall, Dark, and Dead. Tall, Dark, and Dead would probably best be described as vampire chick-lit. What is vampire chick-lit, you ask? Well, it's the kind of stuff that Mary Janice Davidson is making wildly popular with her Undead series. It's vampire stuff that's funny and sassy and sexy. So, you want a little hint? Here's an excerpt from the proposal I submitted:
Garnet Lacey vowed never to do magic again. Not after that ugly scene with the Vatican assassins in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, magic is addictive: like crack, only without the morning after. Especially if your special brandof magic comes directly from the dark sex Goddess Lilith herself. That's why Garnet surrounds herself with poseurs. She left Minneapolis for the hippy, happy college town of Madison, Wisconin. There she's the manager of Mercury Crossing, Madison's premier occult bookstore and herb emporium where the employees are prime examples of witches without a clue. A perfect place to hide out. Dressed as a poseur, Garnet figures she's safe from the Vatican and from trouble. Just as she's closing the bookstore, in walks trouble, with a capital T for Tall, Tough, and Tasty. He rushes in demanding a highly specialized and infamous product: mandrake. Moreover, he's insistent that it be harvested by new mooon from a crossroads. Garnet might have blown him off as the usual woo-woo fanatic, except for one thing: his aura. He doesn't have one. That would make him dead.
There you go. Hope that seems intreguing enough for you to come back and check out my blog from time to time. If that's not enough, I should say that I teach writing and that I'm a member of the Romance Writers of America and that I intend to use this space to talk about more than just my life. Hey, thanks for stopping by. It was nice meeting you.

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