Monday, April 10, 2006

4 STARS for TD&D!!

Romantic Times liked me, they really liked me...

"Call it sexual attraction. Call it fear. But whatever name you attach to Garnet Lacey's attraction to the new man in her life, Sebastian Von Traum, it is definitely connected to her past -- and, even more definitely to her future. Garnet is a witch who has vowed never to practice magic again -- even though part of the goddess Lilith (said to be on the dark side of the divine) resides in her. Furthermore, she senses absolutely no aura when she's around Sebastian. Is he a witch? Vampire? Ghost?

Garnet knows she should strive to get as far away from Sebastian as she can. Nearly a year ago, Vatican assassins destroyed her entire coven and she fled. She doesn't want to restart her old life ever again. Can Garnet and Sebastian find a way to work together to evict Lilith from Garnet, while at the same time keeping Sebastian safe?

Hallaway presents a terrific and enjoyable read. The characters are lively, and the story stays strong and balanced throughout. With a short conclusion, readers can onlyhope there will be a sequel. -- Robin Taylor

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