Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Why TV is Evil...

I'm off to WisCON tomorrow and my biggest fear is that someone will spoil the second half of the second season of Battlestar Galactica for me. A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, might have sort of gotten me pirated copies of the final part of season 2, but I can’t get my DVD player to read them... yet. I’m working on the technical problem, but it’s certainly not going to be solved by, say, tomorrow.

What if someone tells me the plot? Will I die? Will my head explode?

(Yes, cry for me Argentina, life is extremely tough when you’re a geek.)


CV Rick said...

Your nameless friend told you that they have to be played on a Computer. You can output the computer to a T.V. through cables, but they don't work in dvd players so far as this nameless friend knows.

tate said...

Yes, but my computer is old and slow, oh nameless friend. I must switch the format of your files before my old and slow computer even gives me anything other than sound.