Friday, June 09, 2006

Do you ever have times when you really, really feel like reading, but you can't decide what exactly you're in the mood for?

I read in a lot of genres. In order of preference, they are: science fiction, romance, fantasy, mystery and nonfiction (which, I know, isn't really a genre, but I occasionally get the craving for the odd book about nano-technology or the history of grave robbing). Anyway, I just finished a book I really enjoyed, Karin Lowachee's BURNDIVE (science fiction) and I'm looking through my enormous "to-be read" pile and not finding anything that's tripping my trigger. Part of it, is that I can't decide what kind of book I'm in the mood for. I think maybe something light and airy, like a romance. Shawn gave me a couple that I’m considering, but when I settle in to read, I pick them up and put them right back down. I end up reading nothing instead, or worse yet, I reread the "in depth" articles in InTouch Magazine (trust me, nothing good comes of re-reading anything in InTouch.)

I suspect this weird inability to read has a lot to do with the stresses of my life right now. If I have any free time (including that which I use to blog) I think, my God(dess!) I should be finishing up Dead Sexy! What am I doing sitting still for five minutes??!! Plus, I've taken on child care duties for a friend of mine to fill the gap between his paternal leave and when school is out for the summer when he's off again. So, during the day, I suddenly have TWO bundles of joy to take care of. (Mason, BTW, is adapting marvelously. He loves to help out with the bottle warmer, and only occasionally begs to ride in the snugglie along with the three month old.) But, what this means is, my free time is suddenly shrunk (unless, like today, they are miraculously napping at the same time). I'd agreed to take on this extra charge when I thought I'd be done with the new book by the end of May. Well, it looks now like it will be in by the mid- or end of June (still two months ahead of schedule! Go me!).

The point is, I totally de-stress by reading. So, I'm extremely bummed that I can't seem to get into it right now. But, hey, ask me anything about the Paris Hilton/Nichole Richie feud and I'm on it.

Is Paris Hilton a freak or what? And you know, even her name sounds fake. She sounds like a romance hero from a bad 1983 romance. Who names their girl-child Paris, anyway? I mean, Paris is an awesome name, but not for a girl. Don't the Hiltons know their Greek mythology?


Rowan said...

I know what you mean. Every tme I finish a book, I sit myself down in front of my to-read stack(s) and try to pick the next one. What do I want to read now, what do I feel like? I think my gravitation towards short story anthologies is largely due to not being able to figure out what to read next.

Naomi said...

Paris Hilton and Nichole Ritchie have a feud?

Over what?

Paris is the rich girl who did the sex video, right? Er, who's Nichole Ritchie? Is she related to Richie Rich? I feel so stupid when celebrity gossip comes up. Maybe you should drop off your back issues of InTouch the next time you're in the neighborhood...

CV Rick said...

For at least the first year of the whole "Paris Hilton" frenzy I thought they were talking about something happening at a hotel in France.

Kurt said...

I haven't been able to work on my "to read" stack because I've been powering watching the first season of Galactica on DVD from the library. I'm picking away at some books on the space program and a short story collection of dragon stories in the meantime.

tate said...

Oh, Naomi, it's clear you don't own a TV. Nichole Richie is Lionel Richie's daughter, and is the co-star of "The Simple Life" wherein Nichole and Paris show the entire world how stupid and rude rich people really can be.

And, Rick, you make me fall down and laugh... AGAIN.