Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Home Stretch... and Fun News

I have one more scene to write, then I'm done. Part of the reason this process at the end has been so slow is that I'm also doing some revisions at the same time. It's a strange thing, but despite having written several books now, I still am very anal about sending in the best product I possibly can. It's my job, you know? More than that it's my career -- my vocation.

Fun News... Tall, Dark & Dead has gone into a second printing. Never in all my life has this happened for me. To say I am thrilled would be an understatement.

Also... my editor emailed me this yesterday: "We talked about the cover for DEAD SEXY today. The publisher really praised the cover of TALL, DARK & DEAD and said we wanted a similiar look for this one. The scene we chose is the one where Garnet is taking a ritual bath in preparation for casting the love spell, Barney [the cat] glaring at her. Everyone was very enthusiastic about this idea!"

As am I... It sounds really cute!

Back to writing! And stop bugging me, Rick! [BIG TEASE] Oh, and Rick, your buddies in Iraq have been sending my alternate persona a lot of fan mail! Thanks for sending those books. I may not be into our reasons for being there, but it's fairly awesome to get "UNCLASSIFIED" email from the International Zone.

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CV Rick said...

You're welcome . . . and thank you for donating and signing those books. I remember being over there and just plain running out of things to do . . . being shot at isn't 'something to do.'