Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Opposite of a Ghost Vortex?

As I watched a scruffy-looking doppelganger of "New Kitty/All Ball" slip into our garage, I suddenly had a thought. In the book GRAVE'S END the author talks about a "ghost vortex" which, I gather, is a kind of dead thing magnet on the spiritual plain. Anyway, given the number of stray cats who seem to find our backyard especially comfortable, I asked myself, "Do you suppose there’s some kind of thing like a ghost vortex, only in reverse -- a hey-this-is-a-great-spot-to-hang-out-you-living-thing vibe?"

Or do I just have some funky past life cat karma to deal with?


Zoe said...

I don't have any idea about the validity of this information, but I heard once that when cats like to hang out in a particular spot, it means there's a particular kind of energy there, one that is good for cats but harmful to humans. The woman who told me this said that if cats like to lie on a specific spot on the bed, you should try moving the bed, and if they lie on the floor where that spot on the bed used to be, that spot has that energy there. (Whereas if the cat continues lying on the bed, even though it's in a different place, it's just a comfortable spot.) So, maybe you've got a big blob of cat-friendly energy. :)

Naomi said...

You've heard how during the Great Depression, hobos would draw a picture of a cat on the gate to mean "a kind woman lives here" so other hobos would know to ask for food there?

Those cats are drawing pictures of hobos on your door, I think.

Gerri said...

I think the cats know a good place when they see it! They may also have been in contact with any cats you previously owned. Obviously, you come highly recommended.