Sunday, August 20, 2006

More Thing I Never Needed to Know

A dear (yet evil) friend of mine and fellow fantasy writer Naomi Kritzer sent this news article from Appril 2006 which appeared in the Nikomis East Neighborhood Association's Back Yard newsletter to me. Shark Tales No More: Live Sharks Caught in Minnehaha Creek explains how Hurricane Katrina has sent bull sharks (those that can live in freshwater) further up the Mississippi than ever before -- including an 5 foot adult male found alive in Lake Pepin (in the winter!) and two pups (one of which is shown here) found Minnehaha Creek, a park Mason and I frequently swim in and hike around. The ending of the article is particularly unnerving to me, because I was totally one of those kids who was mocked for not wanting to swim in the Mississippi after "JAWS" came out (and I only saw the poster, as I was too young to see it in the theatre.) Now, all I can say is... ha! Sharks were probably swimming around in the Mississippi that whole damn time.

Edited at a later date: Oops. I guess I was April Fooled. Nevermind.

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