Monday, October 16, 2006

Market Killer Strikes Again?

Ever since Other me wrote cyberpunk into the ground, I've been joking that now that I've transformed into Tate Hallaway I'll do the same for the whole vampire chick-lit craze.

Guess what's being reported on Vampire Vixens' yahoo group?

"In the publishing world trends come and go like the hems of dresses. According to a lot of publishers I'm hearing, 'We're not interested in vamps, we're all bought up' of the sales are 'slipping'. This is just my opinion but, if the sales are slipping its because of the NY 'rush' to fill the shelves with vampires. This has happened with every 'trend' and the quality begins to slip as they make that mad dash to catch the trend.
What do you think, are vampires dead?" (from J.C. Wilder)

Sounds like I may have done it again. Any requests for the genre or sub-genre I should wipe out next? Inspirational romances? Space opera?



Kelly McCullough said...

Ooh I can think of so many it's hard to choose. I guess I'll just have to trust you to use this power for good.

Sean M. Murphy said...

This may be your special ability, Lyda. I find four-leaf clovers, and you kill potential markets. We could find an angle on that one... I could sell those four-leaf clovers as "publishers protection" against your market-cracking skills. We could split the profits! I can just see it now: Publishing houses having to take out clover insurance before each big contract they sign with a prospective author--5% of whatever the contract is for!

CV Rick said...

revisiting some of your first market victim, cyberpunk, I recently read The Difference Engine by Gibson and Sterling. two writers known for cyberpunk above all else and they combined to write one of the worst stories I have read. if that didn't kill the genre (granted, it was more steampunk and alt-history, but with the names it has to be associated) nothing you have done could have had an effect.

Frank said...

I was gonna suggest you take on Left Behind and all its millennial ilk...
but you already did.