Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Other Me News

Other me has some publishing news to report: Her short story “Indigo Bunting” a queer coming of age post-apocalyptic story is on-line as of today at Blithe House Quarterly.


Blithe House Quarterly : queer fiction lives here Blithe House Quarterly invites you to browse its Winter 2007 edition (Volume 11, Number 1) featuring new short stories by:Victor J. Banis, Sias Bryant, Trisha Collopy, Robert M. Dewey, James Friel, Lyda Morehouse, Rick R. Reed, Ruth Sims, and Jessica Wicks

Guest-edited by Lori L. Lake

Associate editor: Eric Karl Anderson

Photography by Nicole C. Russell

Executive editor and publisher: Aldo Alvarez

"_The_ journal, online or off, for gay short fiction. Blithe House Quarterly is one of the best literary sites on the Internet. Period."

"Internet-based fiction journals have become a significant force in publishing, especially for serious short fiction. In Web-only lit journals such as Blithe House Quarterly, the short-story form is alive and clicking." ~Baltimore City Paper

"Setting the quality bar [for gay and lesbian writing] is the phenomenal site Blithe House Quarterly. It's awash in awards and rightly so. Of all gay and lesbian sites, Blithe House is the golden child, the one to be entered in the Literature Olympics. None of the stories needs special cosseting as our fiction. Be skeptical and go see the site!" ~Gay & Lesbian On Line, 3rd Edition

"The central publishing arm of new queer fiction." ~OUT Magazine on Blithe House QuarterlyBlithe House Quarterly : queer fiction lives here:

**Winner of the Encyclopaedia Britannica's Internet Guide Award

** Featured in the January 2005 New York Times article on the literary magazine boom

**A GLAAD Media Award Nominee


Frank said...

Nice story! I like the setting, would really like to know the title character better, and find myself wondering "Who else is out there in self-contained bubbles? What happens when they start re-exploring the outside world? What would happen if Bunting's people met, say, a surviving enclave of Mormons, or Fundies, or?"

In my best dreams, I imagine this as the prologue to a new novel by OtherYou that picks up Chapter 2 about a decade later with a newly annointed shamaness leading a first contact out into the wilderness..., I'm a dreamer.

tate said...

Thanks for the compliments. I like the idea of expanding the story.... some day....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story, flirting with the understandings of adulthood, always at the edge of understanding. Your imagery parallels your character's inner turmoil and difficulties, and you have lovingly told a story of growing up other in a way that trades shoes with the norm and lets us walk miles and more into the lives of those we know, but are not. Thank you, seriously. It was beautiful.

tate said...

Hey, thanks so much, Sean. I'm glad you like it. It was always one of my favorites, but no one in the SF/F community bought it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

No, and I think I can see why. While it's post-apocalyptic, that's more a vague background setting (well-done, but behind the scenes) than inherent to the story. You could have set this story three, four hundred years ago and it would have been just the same. Perhaps without the tech, and certainly without the wry sense of reversals in social equality that we are striving toward now, and to which this is a possible future.

Their loss, though. Beautiful.