Thursday, February 01, 2007

Witchy Ways

My new publicist at Headline wants me to start thinking about various topics that might interest “women’s magazines.” She’s especially excited to hear that I’m a practicing Witch and thought there might be a kernel of something in my religion that might make a witty, sound-byte, branding sort of bit we could capitalize.

Now, you’re probably screaming: “Don’t do it, Tate! Don’t sell out to the Man!” Yeah, I’m thinking about that, too, but on the other hand, the last thing I want to do is drop the ball on what is, for me, at least, a once in a lifetime opportunity to “break out.” Luckily, she seems sensitive to that concern, I think, because she says what she’s interested is not so much something that will sensationalize witchcraft, but which will show the average reader that Wiccans are people, too (actually, what she wrote was, “showing how normal and spiritual Wiccan practices are.”)

So... my question is, any ideas?

What would be the sort of thing you’d like to see me write about Witchcraft? Is there anything that you think would be especially good for mass consumption?


Mel said...

Well, as a Catholic turned Zen follower, I think the important thing to let the Christian populace know is that witchcraft isn't hoodooing some love spells here and a curse there, it's a much bigger spiritual practice. With holidays, and rituals, and PRAYER and FAITH. Heck, I think some people still think it's devil worship!

Anonymous said...

Well, I had a Wiccan friend who kept a shrine of little things that represented important parts of her life-- I think that would speak to a lot of people, and it could be easily broken up into little pieces & illustrated.

Kelly McCullough said...

Don't sell out didn't even cross my mind. What went through my head was Don't let the train leave the station without you.

Anonymous said...

Holidays. Holidays are universal, and they contain some of the most lovely human emotions. Your story of Yule this past year is perfect, because it is a quintessential human moment--a family gathered around a fire outside in the falling snow, hanging coins in the entrance and the symbolism of that--all of the little things that everyone does, in one way or another.


Thraicie said...

It's amazingly cheap to put an ad in New Witch magazine.

I bet you could write for them, too.

Or send them a book for review.

The pagan market is massively supportive of native talent.