Thursday, March 01, 2007

You Think You Have Trouble Writing….

This photo was taken last night and I apologize for the fuzziness -- it was dark, but I had to have Shawn snap a picture of my "helper" Miss Piggy. I'd just opened up my laptop, cracked my proverbial knuckles, and... PLUMP! She sat on my hands.

It's hard enough to motivate myself to write without the help of cats!

And, yes, Miss Piggy is a gray Maine Coone just like Garnet's cat Barney. Miss Piggy, however, is not a sneezer. That's our other Maine Coone (a black one) named Deliha.


tlmorganfield said...

Wow, that cat's the size of a small child! :)

Cats do seem to have an attraction to sitting on laps when one is trying to write. Mine comes up to my computer chair, paws at my side for a few seconds, then springs up onto my lap and turns circles, making herself comfortable before settling in. Luckily she's all of seven pounds so it's not too much of a impediment to have her there. Much worse is my dog nudging her nose under my elbow, trying to get my attention.

Jean Marie Ward said...

I stopped by to let you know I loved Tall, Dark & Dead and decided to wander your blog. Glad I did. :-) My 11-pound "Holstein" likes to drape himself over my left arm when I'm at the laptop. That's bad enough, but when you add a "sour spot" at the lower left hand corner of the keyboard... They are "familiar" in so many ways.
Cheers and grins,
Jean Marie