Sunday, April 15, 2007

Down to Two

First of all, if you've thought about buying my book, but decided that paying trade paperback prices was too steep, is having a deep, deep discount on Tall, Dark & Dead. We're talking 60% off. So, seriously, go now and buy yourself several while the getting is good.

Alabama license plateSecondly, my family and I ended up at the Mall of America today, and Mason insisted on driving around to see if we could spot any new plate. Keep in mind that of all the states in the union, we're only missing Alabama, West Virgina, and Hawaii. Guess what? Mason spotted Alabama.

We're down to two.

Come on Hawaii, I know you're out there....

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Anonymous said...

The suspense is building... will he find the final keys to the puzzle and save Xanthadu, or will the Gromingfortians evade him and leave the future a place bereft of meaning, or hope?

Tune in next time...