Friday, April 27, 2007

MAJOR Magic, Sir!

Okay, so Mason has had some astounding luck when it comes to license plates. We've still never spotted West Virginia, and so yesterday he asked me to look up license plates from around the world. He especially wanted to see a Russian plate. I thought, "ha, ha, good luck with that, kid," but you know, it's a harmless pastime. Except....

Today we saw a foreign plate. I think it was probably British (given that there was also one of those GB stickers on the car), but the point is, Mason pulled in a plate from ANOTHER FRICKIN' COUNTRY.

We also checked out all the Canadian provences yesterday, and *in our neighborhood* was parked a Quebec plate. Keep in mind that I live in Saint Paul, that's Minnesota, people. Most of these plates have been spotted in the ten minute drive from our house to the Minnesota Historical Society.

As I told Shawn, now we just have to have him start wishing to find piles of money.

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