Monday, April 09, 2007

Romantic Times Reveiw -- FOUR STARS!

Written in the first person, book two of this terrific series by the genuinely talented Hallaway continues to build a likable, if somewhat overwhelmed, heroine who struggles to escape the past and face the future. This is first- rate paranormal reading.

Summary: Powerful witch Garnet Lacey thought she had buried the truth about what happened when six members of a Vatican paramilitary organization murdered the other 11 members of her coven. Besides arriving late, the only other reason Garnet wasn't killed was because she instinctively drew on the power of the goddess Lilith. Possessing Garnet's body, Lilith made short work of the murderous Vatican agents, but Garnet and her then boyfriend, vampire Parrish, had to get rid of the evidence.Unfortunately, the bodies have surfaced, and an FBI agent is looking at Garnet as a suspect. Current boyfriend, vampire Sebastian, is not thrilled with Garnet's need for Parrish's assistance, and this puts their romance on rocky ground.

Adding to her problems is the large number of zombies suddenly roaming around. Apparently there's a new voodoo queen in town, and when she starts messing with Garnet's friends, it means war.

(BERKLEY, May, 294 pp., $14.00) MILDJill M. Smith


Goncalo Veiga said...

Good luck and success on your book!

Sean M. Murphy said...
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Sean M. Murphy said...

Fun-tastic and well-deserved, you witchy wench! Now get thee back to thine writing room, and lay some smack down on yon evildoers!

tate said...

Thanks all!