Friday, May 04, 2007

McPhail Center for Music

As I've posted here before, Mason is very into classic music right now. He got interested in it kind of by accident. He also went through a TV phase (sadly, he seems completely out of that one -- and, okay, it's only sad because we can't easily distract him by suggesting he watch TV anymore.)

Anyway, during his TV phase, I introduced him to Fantasia (the original) which we had a VCR tape of. He's been fascinated ever since. My "teaching" style as a parent tends to be very opportunistic. Mason is into music right now, so I find music related things for us to do. MomCulture had a day at the opera program that we went to, and Mason loved that. They had jazz duo performance at the McPhail center, and we went to that. I signed us up to be on the mailing list and got a notice in the mail earlier this week about the Bakken Trio (a violinist, cellist and pianist) who will be doing an informal show at the McPhail today over lunch. We're going. It's Mason's first "grown up" concert.


CV Rick said...

Was it good?

Medium has been taking Bass guitar lessons at McPhail for a couple years now. She's doing both open rock and open jazz sessions with adult musicians now and is able to keep up. McPhail is a great resource for this city.

tate said...

It was. In fact, I was just about to settle in to compose a note about how it all worked out.

I had some problems with it, being a parent with small child in tow, but most of those have to do with the fact that classic music tends to attract stuffy people who don't think people should breathe during a performance, much less squeal with excitement.