Monday, May 14, 2007

What's Next?

Having turned in book three of the Garnet Lacey series, I’m starting to think about what’s the next writing project. Of course, I’m planning on proposing a fourth book in the series, but I’m also wondering about whether or not I should consider what to do if my editor says she’s not interested because the vampire romance genre is in a slump (I don’t KNOW that it is, by the way, but anecdotal evidences suggests it might be.)

One thought is to transform Garnet Lacey into more of a paranormal romance/urban fantasy and less of a strictly vampire thing. It could be quite easily done given that Garnet is a witch. There could be any number of adventures involving the more occult aspects of her life. Book three has a hint of that when Garnet meets someone who may or may not be a werewolf.

The other thought is to consider abandoning Garnet completely in favor of another paranormal/urban fantasy heroine. I have any number of ideas, of course. I started a couple things that I’ve never pursued that I liked – one is about a detective in the Metahuman Special Unit (MSU). I envisioned this as a kind of police procedural, ala CSI, except with paranormal elements. The other is the one I’ve talked about on the Wyrdsmiths blog about an apocalyptic chick-lit, in which our heroine is told by a hottie angel that she is supposed to be the second coming.

I think this week I’ll write up a couple of proposals: the continuation of Garnet and one of these other two.

It feels weird not to be writing... and even weird to be in between contracts.

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