Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quickie: Book in Day Challenge.

Not writing, mind you... reading!

Here's a fun challenge I ran across on the web today: Read A Book In A Day. The idea is to take a day off during a specified time and spend the day reading. Sounds kind of dreamy, doesn't it? Anyway, if you want to participate, check out the link and follow the instructions. They do something quarterly, but if you joing the community you can post any time you read a book and encourage others to join you in an impromtu "cover to cover challenge."

I brought several books to Indiana (where I'm vacationing right now) and my just give it a try. My biggest question is... which book?


CV Rick said...

I sometimes listen to a book in a day. Does that count?

I have a request for you, Tate (since I've once again lost your email address) . . I think I might have written my first piece of flash fiction . . . as my all-time favorite writing instructor, I'd like your opinion. Is this Flash Fiction?

tate said...


Awesome last couple of lines, btw.

(Oh, and you can email me at either or

CV Rick said...