Tuesday, July 03, 2007

New Review - Dead Sexy

A new review of Dead Sexy from Paranormal Romance Writers.

Here's the salient bits:

"This story also involves Parrish, Garnet's ex-boyfriend and Gabriel, a hot FBI agent. Dead Sexy is the 2nd in a series but can be read alone. I found myself liking the characters so much that I plan on reading Tall, Dark & Dead also. Tate Hallaway did a wonderful job with interweaving this story and the previous one together. I found the story fascinating and it kept my interest through til the end. I hope Ms. Hallaway will continue to write more Garnet Lacey Books."


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your second book so much that I went back and re-read the first one again. Reading your books are like having a conversation with a fascinating friend. I'm a witch with what I like to think is an interesting life, but Garnet has so much fun on her wild and somewhat frightening rides.

Also, I have fallen in lust with Parrish. It is so much fun learning who he is. I hope you won't lose him in your upcoming books.

Thanks for the joyous and magical entertainment!


tate said...


Oh and please don't worry Parrish WILL be back. In fact, he's going to make a return in DEAD IF I DO, which is the book I'm currently writing due out in 2009.