Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Revisions Done and New Book Deals!

Exciting news first: my agent just made a deal with my publisher for TWO -- that's right, count 'em, two -- more books in the Garnetverse! Book number four is tentitively titled Dead If I Do (thanks to Plaid Adder for the title suggestion) to come out in 2009, and book five will be Honeymoon of the Dead for 2010.


My 2008 book will be Romancing the Dead, and I'm also happy to report that I sent away the ginormous package containing two paper copies of the revised manuscript yesterday. After much wrestling, I'm actually quite pleased with the final version of Romancing, too. Huzzah!


Anonymous said...

We will be able to buy these next books, won't we even though they are sold to a book club. I jut don't know how that work. And I love your books and don't want to miss any of them.
Thank you so much for creating these wonderful characters for us. Lisa

tate said...

I forgot to respond, I'm sorry. Yes you will still be able to buy these books. All it means when they sell to a bookclub is that they will ALSO be avalaible in that format.