Thursday, November 15, 2007

Astro Alert: Mars Retrograde Today!!!!

This important announcement from

Does it seem more difficult than usual to find forward momentum? Do you feel like you are trying to move a mountain? Whether it is a cause that is close to your heart, a relationship or a project that you would like to advance, it's time to put on the brakes, slow down and make a U-turn, as Mars turns retrograde starting November 15.

Mars turns retrograde once every two years. And when it does, as with any retrograde period, it's time to review events already set in motion. Since Mars is going retrograde in the emotionally intense water sign Cancer, make sure you pay attention to your feelings, including instincts and hunches. Actions are now governed by your heart and gut, rather than by logic. If something doesn’t feel right to you, stop, review and make necessary corrections. Remember to pace yourself, since you will be in the review process until January 30 of next year! That’s plenty of time to prepare for putting plans into action once Mars turns direct.


Anonymous said...

That is so weird, because I have been feeling like I can't find any forward momentum in the past few weeks, and I've been wondering why. This is from my blog yesterday:

"My husband says lately I've been losing interest in the things I do. I've been noticing that as well. I stopped drawing my webcomic; my interest in my job has gone down the tubes (I used to really want to be where I worked; now I just don't really care anymore)...I just kind of drop everything. I think the last time I was really driven and goal-oriented was back when I was in college. I knew where I wanted to be, I had a goal, and I stuck to it. Now I'm just kind of floundering around, like a feather floating around in the wind, not really knowing where I'm going. I feel kind of lost, and it sucks. I don't really have goals anymore, and it frustrates me to no end. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should go back to college, because then I would have goals again. But then, what would I do with the end result? Just flounder around again? I don't want another pointless job that I don't want.

I'm so confused."

...Anyway, this is the second time the Astrology stuff has hit the nail on the head (no, wait! Third time! I read up on Saturn Returns after I read about it in your Garnet books and that matched up to something in my life, too). Can you recommend some good Astrology reference books? I would love to learn more about it. :)

tate hallaway said...

Hmmm, given that I mostly learned astrology from a friend, I'm not sure I can. There is an "Astrology for Dummies" out there, and, though I have it, I haven't found it terribly useful, but that may be because my understanding of astrology is somewhere between beginner and, well, something a bit more than beginner.

The books I learned on were "The Only Way To... Learn Astrology!" Vols. 1 - 3 by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers , which it looks like still has for sale (though the first volume, the best, of course, is out of print):

Carolyn Jean said...

Okay, I think I'm feeling this, too. And would you say this means it's a good time to do rewriting instead of moving forward on new book projects?

tate hallaway said...

That's how I would read it. Too bad it lasts for _two years!!_ I definitely have to write forward before it turns direct.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the book tips; I will have to check those out! :)