Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Astrology Alert Saturn Retrograde

It has been rightly pointed out that the below needs an atribution. It comes to me via My deepest apologies. I almost always put this in quotes:

Saturn turns retrograde in Virgo on December 19. This is also the beginning of the end of 2007, and an ideal time for reviewing the past year’s accomplishments. Hopefully you’ve made strides toward success, or achieved your goals and have a clear sense of what’s next on your agenda for 2008!

This phase will last through May 2. Saturn's sway is even stronger in retrograde, and with the planetary ruler of discipline and responsibility peddling backward in fastidious in Virgo, you'll want to obsess over whether the plans you've laid can succeed. Don't sweat the small stuff! Do, however, take action to improve your chances for happiness and success in all your endeavors.

Saturn’s position in Virgo has been urging you to be more efficient. Can you sense the possibilities that will open up once you are more organized? Use the influence of this Saturn retrograde transit to inspire a list of prioritized goals. Then don’t be afraid to charge forward, full speed ahead!


Anonymous said...

Do you always post astrological information STOLEN from other sources? and WITHOUT PROPER ATTRIBTION?!! This is verbatim copy from and was written by a qualified, certified astrologer, yet you dare post it as your own -- what a CREEP you are!! who else do you plagiarize??

tate hallaway said...

Sorry. My mistake. I always usually attribute these when I post them. I must have been in a hurry. Please note the correction.

Adim Phukan said...

Tate, I think the strong rebuke you got was solely because you misappropiated information about Lord Saturn. He IS indeed a stern lord. We put in a lot of lifeblood into writing about Lord Saturn. Pls. visit my blog and read the arcticles on Saturn for a better/ deeper understanding of what you are talking of..