Thursday, January 24, 2008

Astro Alert: Pluto Enters Capricorn

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Are you ready to climb the ladder of success? How about accomplishing a long sought after goal? With transforming Pluto entering ambitious Capricorn on January 25, you will have the opportunity to achieve something valuable for yourself -- as well as for the world.In the past 13 years, while Pluto transited through Sagittarius, it was important to explore and evaluate your beliefs, morals and ethics. Now, responsibility and self-reliance should be your focus. Certainly those who know the value of hard work will be rewarded during this time. So, figure out which obstacles you're ready to face -- and overcome. There’s a big world out there with plenty of peaks to scale, just waiting for you to make your mark!

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bran fan said...

Neat! Astrology is fun, although I tend to read and forget. Still, this brought a smile to my face.