Thursday, January 10, 2008

F,F&F's Top Ten

Over at Fangs, Fur & Fey someone started a meme about the top ten ways you can tell this novel was written by me. I like this question because I think it gets to some of the subconscious things that crop up repeatedly in authors' fiction. I didn't go terribly deep with this list, because I think there are also usually some issues with family that come up in my books as well as moral questions, but here's what I posted to F,F&F:

1. Sex happens early. In fact, in my first novel my editor kept asking me to slow down the romance. (I guess this just means I fall into bed easily and often. Oops.)

2. People drink a lot of coffee, and a lot of the action happens in coffeeshops. (Hmmm, I wonder what I'm doing right now?)

3. A character's religion is often central to the plotline. Also, someone in the novel practices an off-beat religion/spirituality. There is also often a reference (usually a joke) regarding my religion of origin -- Unitarian Universalism.

4. There is a hidden GLBT character in every novel, usually in the background.

5. There is a character who isn't white -- usually a secondary, but important, character.

6. At some point someone speaks a language that isn't English.

7. My geek roots show. Someone (usually my resident geek boy, William,) will make a reference to gaming, comicbooks, Monty Python, Star Trek, Star Wars, or other things that demonstrate his (and consequentally my) geek cred.

8. A character listens to country western music.

9. A Wisconsin/Minnesota joke/reference is made at some point. There is a lot of talk about the weather, fish fries, beer, the movie Fargo, and other things specfic to these two states. Someone sees a cow in a field at least once a novel.

10. I describe Madison, Wisconsin as "strange and liberal," and someone takes a stroll down State Street.

So, that's me. What about you? Do you have any hidden themes in your writing you care to share? It doesn't have to be ten... name just one!

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ZaZa said...

Hi, Tate,

I loved your ten, sounds like something I need to read.

I'm trying to keep track of participants in the meme over on my blog, to make it easier for people to read them. If you talk to anyone else who does this, have them give me a heads-up. I did get the names of the three folks who did theirs in your comments on the other blog.