Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Astro Alert: Mercury Direct!

This latest breaking planetary news is brought to you via Astrology.com:

When two important events occur close together in time, one thing is for sure: You won’t be bored! Mercury turns direct in inventive Aquarius on February 18, which means the plans and ideas you have been mulling over since January 28 -- when Mercury turned retrograde -- can now proceed. Usually you would be in full logic-mode with the Aquarian emphasis, but with a full Moon eclipse on February 20, you will feel anything but! As the emotionally intense lunar eclipse occurs in common-sense Virgo, you will be asked to maintain balance between your feelings and your analytical mind. Since Virgo is the sign of work, health and service, these themes will be especially important now. Develop and maintain a great self-care program to make the most of this period.

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Anonymous said...

Man, that lunar eclipse really messed me up. It was cool to watch and all--but boy, emotionally and physically, I felt like I got hit with a brick wall the next day. I felt sorry for my husband...ah well, I blamed it on PMS. ;) Always a good excuse to fall back on. (grin)