Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lunar Eclipse - Astro Alert

This is a little tardy, but I thought you might like to know anyway -- from

"Eclipses are known to be associated with dramatic events in human and earthly affairs. If you have ever seen an eclipse, you know they are quite dramatic! So, in preparation for the solar eclipse on the 6th, plan on something grabbing your attention -- but don’t think too far ahead! What you think is going to happen, often doesn’t.

We use the word ‘eclipse’ to say that one event has been overshadowed by another. Because this eclipse is occurring in Aquarius, your desire to be part of something bigger is stimulated -- whether it's a community issue, or organizations with a cause close to your heart. And, because Neptune conjuncts this eclipse, there is some uncertainty or confusion.

Ordinarily the sign Aquarius is quite logical, but with this spiritual planet’s influence, you’ll get more out of opening up to your less analytical sensibility. In addition, as this eclipse is occurring at the north node, you’ll be prompted to let go of the past and invest in your future."

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