Thursday, February 28, 2008


Errant Dreams Review wrote a very lovely review of Romancing the Dead here. The book got 3.5 stars out of 5, which seems to me more than fair. The reviewer is absolutely right that the book gets off to a meandering start. If you were following this blog as I was writing Romancing the Dead, which was called various other things including Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Dead on Arousal, that book was a bear for me to write for whatever reason. I will say that when I discovered my publisher decided to print a galley and "push" this of all my books, I was a little nervous because I really don't think it's my strongest effort.

I was EXTREMELY pleased that the reviewer didn't feel as if she needed to have read either TALL, DARK & DEAD or DEAD SEXY to enjoy ROMANCING THE DEAD. I work really hard to make each book stand alone.


heather (errantdreams) said...

I can see how that situation would make you nervous! The important thing for me as a reader is that you got past that hump and the story definitely picked up its pace and became a real page-turner. I can far more easily forgive a weak start, which is honestly fairly common, than a weak ending. The former can be forgotten in the magic of a great ending, while the latter can make the reader forget all the good that came before.

I also seriously appreciate a good stand-alone book. I have an aversion to series in part because cliff-hangers drive me nuts and because these days early books are likely to be out of print by the time later books are published. Having the books in a series able to stand alone obviates all of my objections to series novels.

tate hallaway said...

Great! And I passed your review on to my publicist who was quite please to see it. Thanks again!