Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Astro Alert: Pluto Retrograde!

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The plot thickens. Ever since January 25 when powerful Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign of the builder, you have been examining conditions you have left (or are leaving) and have been wondering where you want to put your energy and ambitions. What projects do you want to invest in? Where do you want your life to take you? These are changing times and you are feeling every bit of it!

Now, on April 2, Pluto turns retrograde for the first time in its new sign -- giving you the opportunity to review the blueprint of your life plan. Additionally, Mercury's entrance into Aries on April 2 (new ideas) and Venus' transit into the same sign on April 5 (a new love interest?) encourage you to be bold, not to shy away from these important new beginnings.

Now is the time to transform your life. You are embarking on a new chapter of a whole new story. The journey ahead is filled with all of the twists and turns that make a great novel and, since you are the author, this Pluto review in the midst of Aries energy offers you the opportunity to write, re-write and edit your amazing life story!

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