Thursday, May 08, 2008

Jupiter Retrograde!

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Saturn just sent ripples in your life by going direct, but another major wave of change is coming on May 9 when Jupiter turns retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of luck, grace, favor and fortune. Jupiter brings wealth, abundance, and optimism. Our successes, accomplishments and prosperity are all within the realm of the grace this large planet bestows upon us. However, when Jupiter turns retrograde, our forward momentum is reversed. This period is not a good time to start new ventures, make financial investments or even change jobs for that matter. Rather, it is a time to finish projects, an excellent time to pay attention to relationships, as well a time to gain a better perspective on life and our inner self. The major emphasis of a Jupiter retrograde period is on inner awareness and inner growth.


renate said...

great im starting a new job on monday...perfect timing...ugh

tate hallaway said...

Yeah, no kidding. I think, however, the stars settle down for a while now.

Steveboy said...

not just a new job...I'm to sign a restaurant franchise contract on Monday...yikes. I read somewhere that the week or so either side of the retro date is a trine(?) and that it is in fact a good time to start things, is this true or am I grasping at straws, by the way am Aries: 4/15.