Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Review of an Old One: TDD

Google Alerts let me now about Xyeido's review of Tall, Dark & Dead in which s/he mostly likes the book, but complains that I work too hard to fit the chapter theme into the keywords of the house. This complaint always makes me laugh because I picked the keywords AFTER I wrote the chapter. But, I'm glad s/he was paying attention enough to assume the opposite.


Abigail said...

An interesting review. I just finished reading all three books (truthfully, I started Romancing the Dead around 11 last night and couldn't put it down.. why no, I'm not tired today at all ;) ). I have to admit that I am one of those naughty readers who doesn't really pay much attention to chapter titles/quotes/key words, but now it's got me wanting to go back through and have another look.

Did you select the chapter headings in advance, or did they come afterward like the key words?

(PS, I like the Garnet Lacey books better than the MaryJanice Davidson Betsy books! Also, do you ever get confused about what name you use where?

tate hallaway said...

Thanks for the compliments. In answer to your question, I usually write the chapter headings afterwards. I've been trying to do planets, houses, signs, etc. for my books, but now I'm down to odder astrological things like aspects (of which I can only find ten.)