Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Monday, so...

You can find me blogging about my addiction to Internet research over at Something Wicked...

In other news, I've neglected to post that Mason and I, who had been playing the license plate game several months ago (we won: we saw all fifty states, even Hawaii, Alaska and Rhode Island), just saw a brand new plate. It was one we'd never seen before, and frankly, living here in Saint Paul, MN, I would never have thought we would: Puerto Rico.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw this post. You've seen all 50 states, and now Puerto Rico, but have you seen one from Guam? I was stationed there back in the early 90's in the Navy. I'm now in Jacksonville and was driving to work the other morning and noticed the tag on the car in front of me was from Guam!!! It took me 15 years to see one like it again!
Jacksonville, Florida