Friday, September 19, 2008

Today, I Was A Parent

Which is my big excuse for not getting any writing done so far today. Instead of writing, I visited my son's kindergarten class. Mason has been having a little trouble adjusting to the new teacher/new routines. In art they did a project about their favorite part of the day, and Mason drew a picture of going home. After that, I thought, "Hmmm, maybe I should check things out," and since the teacher made an open invitation for us to stop by any time....

It was fun, and honestly, I'm glad I did it because it assaged many of my fears.

I still have concerns, but now I have more concrete information to base them on, which will help when it comes time again for parent/teacher conferences.

Then Shawn and I went home for lunch, and I'm only now getting around to "starting" my usual day as a writer.


Andrew Altenburg said...

Hey Tate.. would love to link your blog to the Andrew site but blogger can't read it.. do you have a direct URL that I could use?? Miss you!! Hopefully Ro and I can get to Mpls before Mason goes to high school.

tate hallaway said...

Hey, guy!

You can try:

It usually works for me.