Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Monday...

... so look for me elsewhere!

Today, I'm at "Something Wicked" apologizing for being dragged along in the forest by rabid 5 and 6 year olds, oh and talking about author blurbs or something else inane like that.

Also, over at Wyrdsmiths I have nothing intelligent to offer about plotting. In fact, I think my title is much more humorous and enlightening than anything that follows.

So, how are you, kids? I'm somewhat impatiently waiting to hear from a photographer I spent last Wednesday morning with. He and I took some shots of me (with a wig! in make-up!) at a local cemetery for the Highland Community Newspaper, which is doing an article about me and ROMANCING THE DEAD for, of course, their Halloween issue. He SWORE he'd send me some thumb-nails of the shots he took so I could see if I wanted to buy any for a publicity shot. Apparently, he forgot. Or, more likely, lost my email address.

Anyway, sorry I was silent for so long. The family went down for a quickie visit to Indiana to visit the in-laws... though it's just grandma now, since Shawn's father died in April. Because of that I was expecting it to be really sad, but we had a surprisingly good time hanging out with grandma and playing at Butterfly Park.

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