Monday, November 10, 2008

Good Morning, Class!

Actually, it's almost afternoon, but that's what happens these days when I go work out right after dropping Mason off at school.

So, since it's Monday, you might feel so inclined to check out what I have to say over at Something Wicked... where I whine (as usual) about the problem of titles.

Simiarly, my alter ego is somewhat misrepresented in an article over at the Pioneer Press about Kindle. The quote is spot on, but the bit about "not wanting" Kindle sounds more universal than I intended it. I meant, "for myself" (and that's sort of there, but...) Anyway, I totally get how other people might like it, though I have to admit I am one of those people who reads in the bath -- which is not terribly well suited for Kindle. ZZZAPPP!

I've got a lot of housework I should be doing -- we started baking Christmas cookies this weekend, so there are more than the usual share of pots and baking pans and such like in the sink (like Garnet, I don't have a dishwasher besides myself.)

And my birthday is coming up... I'll be 41. Yikes! Although as my eye doctor is fond of saying, "Growing older is better than the alternative!"

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Michele Hauf said...

Ha! I got my Kindle a couple weeks ago. Lovin' it. I won't ever take it in the bath though. It doesn't read like a computer screen, amazingly. It's much more like black ink on white paper. I will never stop buying paper books, but have decided that there are some mass markets and tradesize books I can read electronically (those with less than thrilling covers, or maybe new authors I want to check out). And it's cheaper electronically. So it's got some great positives.
Haven't found any negatives yet, except that no reading in the tub part. ;-)